Tuesday, April 16, 2013

brother sister phone sex

I like brother sister phone sex because I think it's super naughty and we're I know I love peeking looks @ my older bro and his friends. I wonder why he always watches those naked ppl on his computer. I think they are so pretty. well at least the girls are and they cuss a whole lot. Once I almost walked in his room when I came home early but I saw him there with his noodle in his hand. I wanted to watch but I didn't want my brother sister phone sex fantasy would be ruined if he knew I was watching. I watched him for the whole time, wide eyed. His stroking up and down on it and how it grew bigger and bigger and I was like GOSH and when I saw the stream of white shooting and then oozing out of him, I don't know why, but my knees bucked a little and I ran off to my bedroom before he could spot me. I wander if he saw my little bum as I wiggled away... I didn't really realize that when he snuck into my room that we'd be having incest brother sister phone sex fantasy family fun together. Does that make me a super bad girl? I mean, he was the first boy's penis I ever saw and I liked it.

Panty Boy Humiliation Phone Sex - LOL Sissy BB!

Oh noes! Sissy BB is such a dumb bimbo and has been turning tricks so long, he spelled my cute little name wrong! LACEY you dumb bimbo nigger cock lover! Not LACY. How can we have proper sissified panty boy phone sex when you are soooo dumb. I am wayyy younger than you Sissy faggot face and I don't understand how you could forget an "e" in my adorable name. We like talk all the time and you strut around like a ballerina fag outside for the neighbors to see and get humiliated and constantly told how you will never have vaginal sex because you are such a sissy whore butt queen you automatically yell "YAY ANAL!" after someone even mentions the word "anal" to you.

Panty boy phone sex with you is crazy because you are always stuffing stuff in your butt. It's not even a butt anymore, you have a wide gaping sissy pussy that is SOOO stretched open by all the cocks you take up there. I did not forget about the cucumber you put in there you dirty cum dumpster. Sissy bb put a GIANT cucumber right up his faggy sissy hole so easy. It's so super stretched open.

His little tiny tic tac penis is so so so so small that you can barely tell it's there. I laugh so hard when he screams "bouncy bouncy bouncy" when he is bouncing up and down on cock or dildos.

Do you want a sissy whore toy to violate with your giant cock? Or maybe a new toy for a Mistress to destroy? E-mail Sissy BB here: sissybb@ymail.com he doesn't have much of a pussy left to stretch because he is a loosey goosey whore.

Next time SISSY shall be booked for bukkake humiliation sissy phone sex parties! So he can yell "YAY ANAL!"

Oh gosh. He is just so nasty.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taboo Daddy's Girl Phone Sex

I love super taboo ageplay phone sex stories and topics. It reminds me of when I was younger. My Daddy had to buy special medicine to keep him feeling okay, but sometimes he didn't always have enough money for his special medicine so the guys that came to the house would sometimes get mad and yell and they would argue until one time Daddy told me that I could help him get his special medicine and the mean men wouldn't be so bad to him.
Of course I wanted to help Daddy! He did get really weird and sweaty and confused when he didn't have his medicine. Daddy said, I was a real special girl and his friends with the medicine thought I was super pretty, all I had to do was entertain them. I didn't like it at first. When the mean guy with lots of tattoos brought me into our bathroom. He was kind of in a hurry and made me strip naked really fast and was kinda mean when i was confused. When I started to suck my thumb, he grabbed my hand away and said he had something else I should suck on. That's when I first learned how to suck cock! I didn't like it at first and it really hurt when he had me bend over the toilet seat and he poked his stick around my behind, I could feel him pressing into me and I started whimpering. He said "rememner, you're doing this for your Daddy. Remember this for a long time. You're Daddy's turned you into a whore." I really didn't understand what that meant, but now I do. I didn't like fucking Daddy's friends at first, but I got used to it and then I was an addicted ageplay teen phone sex slut with a super young voice.

Like more taboo talk? I'm the taboo teen you really want. Let's get nasty with my cute little young voice.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roleplay Phone Sex

Yay! Mr. Hungwell called again and we did another hot roleplay phone sex call where I was a very naughty young girl and driving over the speed limit. He was Officer Hungwell this time and he pulled me over... uhoh! I acted so innocent like I didn't know what was happening... and before I knew it we were in the back of the police car and I was being stuffed in every hole with a giant fat police cock!

I love roleplays that are wild and think out of the box kind of kinky fun. From ageplay to other taboo nasty talk to even the fun stuff like Cops and Robbers or Bad cop good girl. :P


Friday, October 29, 2010

Submissive Phone Sex

Maybe you come home to lil innocent curious me with the dog licking my sweet young pussy and threaten to tell if I don't do everything you want. Or maybe you want to whore me around as a barnyard slut! Have me be your trailor trashy fuck toy! I want to be anything you want me to be. No limits. No taboos. I want to get really, really, really fucking nasty, so let's do it! hehe Birds do it... bees do it... little sluts like ME do it!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cherry popping phone sex

Look at me trying on your wife's sexy lingerie. I'm all skinny and wobbly in her heels but don't I look so adorable trying for the first time to be so sexy? I want to be pretty like the older girls. My slender legs, petite body, small tits... do you think I'm as pretty as the other girls? Show me what big girls do! I want to learn and feel sexy! Please?

Virgin role-play phone sex,
ageplay phone sex, and even force fantasy phone sex! Anything taboo at all! No limits with LACEY!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

rape phone sex

Punish my sweet young ass! I love being the shy sweet girl that gets convinced or tricked to do things that will hurt my tender young holes! I may start out curious and willing and then become unsure... are you going to make sure I do it anyway? What happens when you force your stiff cock into one of my young holes and it doesn't fit? Will you keep going even if I cry or beg you to stop?

*wicked giggles* Call me for utterly nasty, taboo phone sex!

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